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Personalised and engaging learning programs for young people with Autism and intellectual disabilities.

Everyone is a learner in the
Little Flower Learning classroom

Hi there, I'm Dani. I'm an experienced and passionate special education teacher from Brisbane, QLD. I know from experience that traditional educational settings are often ill-equipped to engage young people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disorders. Little Flower Learning was created to fill those gaps and help students to rediscover the magic of learning in a safe and supportive environment.

I am passionate about helping young people to achieve their goals, no matter what they are. I work closely with parents and carers to identify personal, social, communication and academic goals and develop learning programs which are hands-on, engaging, relevant and fun.

Contact me today to find out how I can tailor a program which marries your child's interests with their goals. 

Helping young people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their goals in a safe, supportive and fun learning environment. 

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Communication and literacy

"Communication is essential for our wellbeing and it may be that communication is the primary goal of human existence" - Dave Hewett

Communication is fundamental to the human experience and our ability to communicate effectively contributes to wellbeing in all areas of daily life. Conversely, communication difficulties can impact learning, behaviour, relationships and overall quality of life.

At Little Flower Learning we believe that communication skills are enhanced through frequent, active immersion in a safe, supportive and engaging environment. We provide quality language learning experiences which help your child to build the skills and confidence to express themselves.  


School readiness

It is natural for parents of students with special and additional needs to be anxious about their child starting school. Early preparation and accessing the right support for your little one can help build their confidence and make their transition to big school as smooth as possible.


 Little Flower Learning understands that school readiness is about preparing the whole child for school - teaching cognitive skills as well as social and emotional skills, communications skills and motor skills. 

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Personal and social skills

Challenges associated with social functioning are often characteristic of developmental disabilities. This can impact a young person's ability to interact effectively with others, recognise social cues, respond appropriately in specific situations, avoid interpersonal conflicts, and adjust to simple and complex situations. In some cases, this can lead to isolation and exclusion. 

Programs which allow young people to practice appropriate social interactions with a trained communication partner can help. Little Flower Learning delivers these learning programs via interactive experiences that engage students while teaching them valuable interpersonal skills they will use throughout their life. 

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Functional literacy and numeracy

Literacy and numeracy is at the center of traditional educational programs, but will the abstract lessons taught in schools equip your child for life in the wider world?

Functional literacy is about more than the ability to read words on a page; its about the ability to understand information and use it to communicate in a variety of ways. Likewise, functional numeracy extends beyond solving equations-- it is focused on crucial everyday skills like using money, understanding time and estimating probability.

Little Flower Learning delivers learning programs which are grounded in real-life experiences and take into account student's specific needs.

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Executive function skills

Executive function refers to the skills that allow us to focus, prioritize, make plans and goals, self-regulate and adapt to unfamiliar situations. Delays in the development of these skills can present challenges for many young people. 


Executive function issues can present as trouble with impulse control and difficulty in self-regulating emotions. Others may struggle with organization, time management and remembering instructions.

We can help with structured programs which focus on building skills like inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility.


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